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All of these whole (uncut) guaranteed hollow agate geodes are from the Salto do Jacui region in Rio Grande do Sul state in extreme southern Brazil.  This particular region is known throughout the world for containing arguably the largest agate deposits on Earth.  All of these agates will contain some degree of agate (either banded or non-banded) in their skins, many contain water, and we guarantee at least 90% of these agate geodes to contain a drusy quartz (clear, smoky, light blue, 5% amethyst) or chalcedony (black or light blue) lined interior that may also contain additional minerals such as goethite, other iron minerals, and very infrequently calcite or gypsum.  All of our agates are imported directly from a mine owner in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  These geodes run approximately 5% light to dark amethyst but it is highly variable.  For already opened Brazilian agate geodes, please visit our Opened Brazilian Agate Geodes page.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON OPENING THE AGATE GEODES:  Given the harder skinned banded agate nature of these geodes, it is strongly recommended that these geodes be cut open versus cracked open.  They are more difficult and time consuming to crack open with a hammer and chisel and may be more difficult to polish given rougher edges compared to a saw cut so please keep this in mind before ordering.  They do take a very good polish when cut open and are among the most popular agate to cut and polish given their banding and ability to take a good polish.


WATER FILLED GEODES:  Many of the geodes below contain water!  The water can be felt or heard when shook!  These are the highest quality hollow agate geodes coming out of Brazil right now - the water indicates an undisturbed interior so the quality is consistently higher.  In our experience, many of the water filled agate geodes hold their water for a long time - we have several of these geodes that still have water in them from shipments received several years ago.

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