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Amethyst Cathedral Geodes

Brazil -  South America

Imported Directly From Brazil & Uruguay - geodes from new shipments just posted!

Amethyst Geodes

Uruguay -  South America


 KEOKUK GEODES:  The Geode Gallery is the leading retail and wholesale supplier of Keokuk geodes.  From whole to opened, from tiny pea-sized geodes to large geodes over a foot across, we should have or be able to get what you are looking for at reasonable prices.  We also provide a detailed, illustrated page about Keokuk geodes in addition to cracking instructions with videos and power point presentations at the links below.

Un-Opened (Whole) Break Your Own Keokuk Geodes

Keokuk, Iowa Geode Region


Opened Geode Pairs

Keokuk, Iowa Geode Region


Bulk Flats and Boxes of Geode Halves/Pieces

Keokuk, Iowa Geode Region 

Collector "Mineralized" Keokuk Geode Specimens

Keokuk, Iowa Geode Region Geodes with minerals or sought after geode types

Keokuk Geode Mineral Inclusion Identification Page

Learn what exactly that mineral is in that Keokuk geode you have!

These are reference pages to help Keokuk geode collectors both open and identify your own geode specimens and their inclusions.

How To Open (Break) Keokuk (and other) Geodes

Techniques and what you should do before and after opening geodes!


Un-Opened Hollow Brazilian Agate Geodes

Salto do Jacui, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Cut or Crack Open Your Own Hollow Banded Agate Geodes!



Opened Hollow Brazilian Agate Geodes

Salto do Jacui, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Cut/Polished and Cracked Open Hollow Agate Geode Pairs For Display


Un-Opened Mexican Coconut Geodes

Mesteno Ranch, Chihuahua, Mexico

Open Your Own Geodes!


Opened Mexican Coconut Geode Pairs

Mesteno Ranch, Chihuahua, Mexico

Opened Geodes For Display


Un-Opened Mexican Trancas Geodes

Chihuahua, Mexico

Open Your Own Geodes!



Opened Mexican Trancas Geode Pairs

Chihuahua, Mexico

Opened Geodes For Display


 The Geode Gallery

Display Stands Page

Display Stands for your geode and mineral specimens!


Teachers/Educational/Scout Resources

Break Your Own Small Geodes

 Whole, Un-opened Hollow Geodes in Quantity in all sizes for any school's or family budget!



Classroom Resources Involving Geodes!

Integrating Geodes Into Your Classroom or Homeschool Science and Math Lessons!


Mineral Specimens

While our business name may be "The Geode Gallery", we are also a leading dealer in fine, high quality mineral specimens from many U.S. and worldwide locations.  Specialties include specimens from the Elmwood District in middle Tennessee, India, Spain, Eastern Europe, and southern Africa minerals.  All minerals come straight from the location where mined through private or commercial sources, so our prices are very competitive and we have access to new finds very quickly and have the ability to offer specimens that are only available on a limited basis or only exclusively available through us. 

Elmwood District

Smith County, Tennessee USA

Quality Specimens from this famous mining district in middle Tennessee!

Minerals of India

A large selection of quality zeolites and other minerals in all sizes from miniatures to museum-sized specimens!

Pyrite Cubes from Spain

All natural pyrite cubes, interlockings/twins, and matrix specimens direct from northern Spain.

Minerals from Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary)

A variety of minerals from prolific or once prolific mining districts in Eastern Europe

Miscellaneous Midwest USA Minerals

A variety of minerals from Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri.  Expanded selection from western Illinois quarries now available!

Minerals of Africa

Morocco, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and South Africa

Minerals from the collection of Dr. E.G. Tribbey

Excellent mostly self-collected specimens from Colorado and other world-wide minerals!

Quartz (Herkimer Diamonds)

New York state, USA

A selection of these gems, both specimens and for cutting!


Have mineral and/or geode specimens to trade?  We may be interested!  See our Trade Page.


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