A direct-from-the-source provider of quality geode and mineral specimens since 1995, Geode Gallery LLC is based in Davenport, Iowa and is managed by Mike Sandstrom, who collected his first geode at the age of 8. Today, Mike maintains the Geode Gallery website, travels to rock, gem, and mineral shows across the country, and actively mines Keokuk geodes, the Geode Gallery’s specialty!

Mike invites you to browse his updated website both for geodes and for geode-related educational information and hopes you will find everything you need. If not, just ask!

What are geodes?We are the Geode Gallery, we sell this we sell that, but what is it that we are selling? What are geodes? What are rocks/minerals? Do I have a geode?

Check out the resources below and find out more about what we are selling! Broaden your general knowledge and learn some cool stuff about the Earth!

Keokuk Geodes | What are Geodes? | What are Rocks/Minerals? | Do I have a Geode?

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