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Keokuk, Iowa geodes are sedimentarily formed and are found in rock outcrops and stream beds within a 70 mile radius of Keokuk, Iowa.  Mined by Geode Gallery, LLC, all geodes on this page are whole (un-opened) and are guaranteed at least 90% hollow by volume, meaning 9 out of 10 geodes will contain an open crystal lined cavity.  Quartz commonly lines these geodes but calcite, pyrite, and less often barite, sphalerite, and chalcedony may also occur.  These geodes can either be opened with a hammer/chisel or they can also be cut open with a rock saw and then polished.  Generally, however, given the lack of banding in the skin, Keokuk geodes look better displayed when naturally cracked open.  To purchase Keokuk geode pairs already opened, please visit our Opened Matching Pairs or Halves pages under the Keokuk Geodes bar at upper left.


Sample Keokuk, Iowa Geode Interiors

Sample Keokuk Iowa Geode InteriorSample Keokuk Iowa Geode InteriorSample Keokuk Iowa Geode Interior

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