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Mexican “Coconut” geodes are mined in a two square mile area up to 200 feet below the surface about 150 miles south of El Paso, Texas in Chihuahua, Mexico.  These particular geodes frequently contain colorful interiors that range from a clear/light blue quartz to a smoky, brown, lavender, and 5% contain medium to dark purple amethyst quartz crystals.  Additionally, calcite and goethite are also found in about half of these geodes and 5% contain white feathery mordenite.  Numerous additional micro-sized iron and manganese-based minerals are also present in these geodes.  We guarantee all of our Mexican “coconut” geodes to be 90% hollow by volume (9 of 10 geodes will contain an open, crystal lined cavity).  If you would like to buy Mexican “Coconut” geodes already opened for you, please visit our Opened Mexican Coconut Geodes page.

Sample Mexican "Coconut" Geode Interiors

Sample Mexican Coconut Geode InteriorSample Mexican Coconut Geode InteriorSample Mexican Coconut Geode Interior

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