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Mexican “Trancas” geodes are surface mined about 220 miles south of El Paso, Texas in Chihuahua province, Mexico.  These particular geodes, while not as colorful as the “coconut” geodes, do contain primarily clear or drusy quartz linings and may also have calcite, fluorite, and quartz scepters as well.  One of the most notable features of these geodes is their fluorescent ability due to trace uranium content (not enough to harm life).  Under shortwave UV light, approximately 80-85% of these geodes fluoresce bright green.  All of the whole geodes on this page are guaranteed at least 90% hollow by volume (9 of 10 geodes will contain an open, crystal lined cavity) with the exception of the 0.75" size which are guaranteed 75% hollow due to their small size.  If you would like buy Mexican “Trancas” geodes already opened for you, please visit our Opened Mexican Trancas Geodes page.

Sample Mexican Trancas Geode Interiors
Sample Mexican Trancas Geode InteriorMexican Trancas Geode Sample InteriorSample Mexican Trancas Geode Interior


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