Minerals from the Linwood Mine, Scott County, Iowa

The Linwood Mine is located right along the Mississippi River between Davenport and Buffalo just west of I-280 in Scott County, located in the extreme east central part of Iowa.  The Linwood Mine is currently mining solely for limestone.  Throughout the course of mining, open pockets lined with a variety of minerals are encountered, including calcite, marcasite, sphalerite, barite, pyrite, and quartz.  While the mineralization is pretty consistent from pocket to pocket (Linwood material is fairly recognizable), pockets do tend to have their own distinctive crystallization and/or mineral combinations so new finds add a little variety and anticipation to a suite of minerals from this location and Midwest USA collections.

NOTE:  We are not the owners of the Linwood Mine - please do not call us for employment opportunities or requests to collect in the mine.  Thank you for your understanding!  Any questions related to the mine should be directed to the mine itself.

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Linwood 34:  Calcite on limestone:  24 x 20 x 9 cm (9.5 x 7.9 x 3.5 inches) - $150.00



Calcite on limestone:  Large cabinet specimen featuring several rhombohedral calcite crystals mainly between 1-2 cm on edge covering a limestone matrix base.  There are a few crystals up to 3 cm across as well.  As with many large specimens from this mine, there is some contacting (both from natural sources and as the result of mining - this specimen may have been in a fairly tight pocket as some limestone is present on the top as well and has left a few indentations or residue on some crystal faces).  Some typical small rubs on the edges are also present, but for a specimen of this size it is in much better shape than the majority of pieces that come out in this size.  $150.00






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