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In terms of both quantity and quality, the best zeolites and associated minerals from the Deccan basalts of India are arguably unmatched on Earth.  With such a large expanse of mineral-laden basalt present and the high demand for rock currently in place across India in addition to gained knowledge that mineral specimens also have as much, if not more, value than basalt the flow of fine mineral specimens from India is likely to continue for a very long time.  For the serious collector, it should be noted that certain factors such as urban sprawl and isolated one-time finds, however, will result in some specimen types being more limited or no longer available (for example, the most prolific okenite producing quarry in Mumbai is now closed) so new, exceptional finds are still important to follow as they may never be seen again.


All of our specimens below were imported directly from India.  Our goal is to offer a variety of specimen sizes and types to assist any level of collector in building a suite of Indian minerals.  Follow us on Facebook/Twitter so you know exactly when new specimens are posted to this page.


SIZING:  All specimens have a letter or letters after their product name below which refers to the size of the specimen.  T = Thumbnail (2-3 cm or 0.8-1.2 inches);  M = Miniature (3-6 cm or 1.2 to 2.4 inches); SC = Small Cabinet (6-10 cm or 2.4 to 3.9 inches), C = Cabinet (10-15 cm or 3.9 to 6 inches), and LC = Large Cabinet (15+ cm or 6 inches and larger).

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