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Geode Gallery LLC is among the leaders in providing geodes for schools, universities, museums, boy/girl scout groups, and other groups that focus on activities with children.  We offer two types of small "break your own" geodes from Chihuahua, Mexico (Trancas and Coconut geodes).  Please review some of the most commonly asked questions we receive below.  If you have any additional questions, please use our Contact Us form at the top of this page.  Thank you for visiting!  Many of our "break your own geodes" are guaranteed at least 90% hollow - we do not sell solids!  Buy with confidence from Geode Gallery LLC!

What is the Difference Between the Mexican Coconut and Trancas Geodes?  The Trancas geodes contain mainly a clear or very light smoky quartz interior, wormy quartz growths and scepters, and most fluoresce a bright green under shortwave ultraviolet light.  The coconut geodes contain a variety of colors, including brown, smoky, light blue, clear, and 5% contain amethyst (purple) crystals.  Some of the coconut geodes also contain calcite, goethite, and other minerals as well.  The Trancas geodes open up easier than their coconut geode counterparts.  Due to the colorful interiors and possibility for additional minerals, coconut geodes are the most expensive geode type we offer for the size followed by the Trancas geodes.

Which geode type and size do you recommend?  The answer to this question depends primarily on your budget.  You will encounter the same interior in each geode type regardless of the size of the geode.  It does not matter if the geode is smaller or larger, the interior is consistent throughout all sizes.  The coconut geodes are more popular given their colorful interiors even though they are more expensive.  If you have a UV light with shortwave power, the Trancas geodes may be for you.  We currently have one size of the coconut geodes in regular supply, and occasionally a slightly smaller size but these are in short supply due to low production of the small sizes being released from the mine.  Multiple sizes of the Trancas geodes are regularly available.

How Quickly do you Ship?  Most orders ship same or next business day, and we use Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes whenever possible (2-3 day delivery in the United States).  Larger quantity orders (over 120 geodes) may ship more economically by Fedex Ground/Home Delivery (1-5 day delivery in the continental United States).  Please choose the appropriate shipping service/rate when checking out through our secure online shopping cart.  Please note that the shipping rate provided through our shopping cart may be too high especially if you are ordering a large quantity (several hundred geodes or more) - we will adjust the shipping amount before charging your card or will refund the difference through Paypal if you paid automatically through Paypal.

Do You Offer Quantity Discounts?  We are sorry, but we do not offer quantity discounts.  Hollow geodes in these smaller sizes are in very high demand (noted by some sizes/types not always available) and we take extra time to make sure that what we offer for sale is indeed hollow.  We feel our prices are comparatively more than fair given our attention to making sure you receive at least the guaranteed percentage of hollows quoted and the quality of the hollow geodes.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?  Yes!  We gladly accept school and university purchase orders.  To order with a Purchase Order, please select your desired geode types, sizes, and quantities below.  Our secure online shopping cart will provide you with the actual total, including shipping (not estimated).  Please select the Standard Shipping option in our shopping cart for actual shipping costs.  Include your order information, including shipping, on your PO form and then send a scanned copy of the PO by e-mail (preferred) to: or by regular mail to:  Geode Gallery LLC, PO Box 2396, Davenport, IA  52809-2396.  We no longer accept faxes.  Thank you!  


How Do I Open my Geodes?  Please visit for geode opening information including videos and Power Point presentations that show you exactly how to open geodes!